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I'm a passionate tinkerer who got into software development not for a job, but for scratching that curiosity itch. I also really like building stuff. The job just naturally followed. Now while I have plenty more projects on my Github page, this here is a list of the ones that are more actively maintained.


A blog-oriented static site generator used for this very site, written in Java. I wrote this to learn Java and to, naturally, have a tailor-made blog machine that tickles my fancy.

Status: in active development.

Splendid Speed

A WordPress performance plugin I made pretty much out of frustration that any existing plugin was full of bloat, ads or who-knows-what. It has a total of 12 modules to speed up your WordPress powered site, entirely free, no strings attached.

Status: feature-complete, in maintenance mode. Think you could make something more of it? Get in touch and I might just gift it to you, since I'm no longer interested in PHP nor WordPress.